Is this the reason the bitcoin price is not exploding right now?


Edit: A follow video has ben made addressing most of your comments (watch this before commenting)

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) non-technical whitepaper

Previous discussions on DPOS security

Podcast - Andreas Antonopolous and others critique DPOS (starts at 12:00)

Intro to DPOS (includes great prediction from Gavin Andresen)

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Mike Hearn on the fragility of bitcoin

Members Area Highlights

Mike Hearn was at the top of his game working for Google on a high salary as a computer programmer when one day he discovered bitcoin.
Bitcoin quickly blew his mind and Mike quit his cushy job at Google to work on the bitcoin protocol. What about bitcoin demanded he work for free for 2 years on the bitcoin protocol?
Find out in this interview with one of the guys who tinkered under the hood of bitcoin as much as any other.
This interview is especially interesting because it reminds us all of the fragilty of bitcoin. Mike shares his  experience working with the core development team and outlines some major hurdles that bitcoin will need to overcome in the near future.

It was an especially good reality check for me who is well and truly drinking the bitcoin cool aid.  :)

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The future of bitcoin with Nic Cary(CEO of

Members Area Highlights is the first and largest provider of bitcoin wallets in the world today.
Funded and primarily owned by roger Ver (nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus) provides a number of free tools that help all bitcoin users.
Today we talk with Blockchain CEO Nic Cary to hear the vision he has for this industry leader. What exciting things should we look for in the future?
Nic travels the word and some of the inspiring stories he shares as a result of bitcoin are amazing. His future predictions for smartphones and bitcoin's ability to penetrate the third world will get you super excited for bitcoin's future.
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