The Shocking Truth About Bitcoin

BREAKING NEWS: Banksters Fear New Online Currency That They Can’t Steal, Inflate, or Kill.

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Dear Fellow Citizen, What I'm about to reveal to you is quite Controversial, so I highly recommend that you turn up your speakers and pay close attention to what I'm about to say...

Because what I’m about to share could very possibly change your life for the better, (Forever.)

Yes, I realize that's a strong statement, but I'm prepared to back it up.

To be clear - what I'm about to reveal to you could get this video taken down and erased with extreme prejudice.

You see, I know with 100% certainty that there are very powerful people in finance and government who would completely prefer that you never hear a peep about this.

But we're going to talk about it anyway.

By now, I suspect you've heard "something" about the topic of this short video, but I'm also quite sure you don't know the entire shocking story.

I'm going to jump right into the meat of the story in just a moment, but first, I'd highly advise that you:

Turn off your cellphone. Shut down your e-mail, and your Instant Messengers... and maybe even get a notepad and pen.

You're going to want to eliminate any distractions.

What I’m about to talk about is going to change the world in ways you can’t even imagine.

It will be like the world before the internet versus the world after the internet.

It is something you need to know about.

I want to tell you
about Bitcoin.

Now, you've most likely heard the name, watched a news story or read an article about Bitcoin...

But what do you really know about it?

I'm here to set the facts straight and let you in on some incredible secrets about Bitcoin…and potentially

The most incredible opportunity of your lifetime.

I am also going to share with you the incredibly painful story of how I was the victim of a $180,000 Bitcoin heist.

Believe me, I don't like reliving this sickening story, but if it can save you having to go through the same, I feel its my duty.

So who am I? My name is Jarrod Dennis, and I’m the author of Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny For Fun and Profit.

And according to Amazon readers, it’s hands down the best Bitcoin resource available.

Now, I don't make that statement to brag or boast, but rather to convey to you the importance for you to keep watching this video.

Yeah, I know - another strong statement, but the reality is,

Events like the creation of Bitcoin only roll around just a handful of times each century...

and if you're not paying attention this time around, you'll miss it.

And then, you'll just be another cog in the wheel wondering what just happened, and thinking how incredible it would have been if you had gotten in from the start.

Think "California Gold Rush" Or "Texas Oil"

Or Microsoft, or Apple, or Google just before they went public.

Hell. Take all those things and wrap them all up together if you want.

THAT is the potential of Bitcoin.

No joke. That's the truth.

That said… there are bound to be haters.

All you have to do is think about the statements I just made and you can imagine that for every person out there who might want to see Bitcoin succeed…

There are just as many (mostly rich, powerful financial corporations and world governments) who want to see Bitcoin fail and fail miserably.


Because it's a threat to their very existence.

So… what is Bitcoin really?

Bitcoin is the first "currency disruptor" of the 21st century.

It's what's called a crypto currency.

What does that mean? Well…

1. It's a form of digital currency,
super encrypted, and its free to store or transfer anywhere in the world. That’s right, FREE, as in no direct fees. In fact, if Amazon accepted Bitcoin, their profits would automatically double. Why? They would’nt have to pay fees to Mastercard and Visa . The efficiencies to the marketplace are staggering. And that means a rise in the standard of living for everyone.

2. Bitcoin cannot be inflated
by the stroke of Federal Reserve’s pen, big banks, or anyone else.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that governments around the world have been printing trillions of dollars in a desperate attempt to try and keep their broken economies afloat. You may know their efforts as “Quantitative Easing” or “Bailouts.”

Whatever they choose to call it, it’s basically printing money from thin air. And printing money, no matter where its done, has the same effect: the value of the currency down.

This is true whether a counterfeiter prints notes in his basement or governments agencies print money in a big grey building. While the counterfeiter gets something for nothing, every time you go to the gas pump or the grocery store, your bill goes up. They call it “inflation,” but it’s really caused by money printing.

Bitcoin will stop all counterfeiting, “legal” and illegal, and preserve your wealth.

3. Bitcoin can’t be confiscated
by governments or anyone else. Can you feel the pain of the poor men and women in Cyprus who woke up one morning to find that the European Central Bank ordered their government to seize up to half of the people’s money straight out of their bank accounts? With Bitcoin this is impossible. I’ll explain how $180,000 got stolen from my personal Bitcoin wallet in just a second, so keep watching.

4. Bitcoin can also be anonymous and untraceable.
Which also makes the governments and fat cat wall street financiers a little nervous.

A lot nervous in fact.

You're about to discover why.

In the past two years, the value of Bitcoin has increased over 17,000%.

Yep. Seventeen Thousand Percent.

In fact, Bitcoin is poised to change the way people do business and think about "money" forever.

Bitcoin allows people in any country, with nothing more than a cellphone to make "cash transactions" for goods or services… right there, on the spot.

It's quietly creeping into countries big and small.

Bitcoin is 100% for the people and it’s relatively outside of governmental control.

That's what makes it so sexy, and so controversial.

Bitcoin is the "bad boy" of the digital frontier, the game changer with the big gun.

And… in just a minute I'm going to tell you how you can capitalize on an incredible Bitcoin opportunity.

But first, let's take a quick look at some facts.

Fact #1 - Bitcoin has increased in value over 17,000% in the past 24 months.

That means that if you had invested a mere $2,000 just 24 months ago, you'd be sitting on close to $300,000 right now.

Fact #2 - Bitcoin is poised to become the great equalizer - a currency that's easily exchanged and international in nature, and outside the control of any centralized government's ability to inflate or depreciate it.

Like I said earlier, much of their power and control over the world’s population comes from their control of the money supply, plain and simple…

And if a currency comes along that's outside of their control, they stand to lose their power over us.

If they can find a way to discredit it, bury it and "make it go away", they'll certainly try.

But like any revolution, once Bitcoin gains enough ground, it will become an unstoppable force.

Will there be ups and downs? Absolutely. But if you look at the history of money throughout history, you'll see much of the same.

Fact #3The Bitcoin opportunity is not limited by your (or anyone else's) geographic location.

Plus, there's no "minimum investment" unlike almost ALL other investment opportunities in the world today where it takes an all but impossible sum just to get in on it.

Nope. None of that.

If you’ve got 20 bucks, you can convert that into Bitcoin.

And just as a sidenote, if you’d taken just 20 bucks 24 months ago and turned it into Bitcoin… you'd now have about $3,000 in your pocket.

Boom. Just like that.

Which brings me to the final important fact that you need to know about Bitcoin, which is probably the most important piece of information you’ll hear.

Fact #4 - By most predictions, Bitcoin is in its infancy. The growth rate over the next 5 to 10 years could easily surpass the growth it’s seen in the last 24 months. We all know that past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but in my opinion the future looks great for Bitcoin.

Think about what I just said here.

When you first heard me say that Bitcoin has gone up by over 17,000% in the last 24 month, you may have thought to yourself…

"Well, then that’s it! It can’t possibly rise any higher, right?"

But the truth… the shocking truth is that Bitcoin is just getting started.
(Let me allow that to sink in for you.)

Now, at this point you're probably thinking:

"How can I get in on this incredible opportunity?"

I'm all too happy to tell you, but before I do, I want to make sure that you get in the RIGHT way. And in order for you to understand what this is, let me tell you the wrong way…. the way I got in.

Just like you’re hearing about it now, a friend of mine told me about Bitcoin. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I did a little research and thought it would be fun to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin.

For such a small sum, I didn’t think too much about security. I jumped online, read a couple of blogs and did a bit of research about it, and then made what’s called a “digital wallet.”

I gave my friend $100 and he sent $100 worth of Bitcoin to my wallet. Easy peasy, I’d just bought my first Bitcoin.

As the weeks and months went by two things started to happen.

First I started reading more, and understanding more about Bitcoin. I even interviewed a few experts and went to some trade shows to learn more, and my confidence and excitement around Bitcoin grew.

I’d been studying the economy and the nature of our money supply for years, and it was this knowledge that allowed me to invest in Gold way back in 2004 and make fantastic profits with it over the next decade.

I knew Bitcoin was going to be a volatile ride with lots of ups and downs, but I could clearly see that its potential was massive, and I knew that its value one day could grow to a million dollars per coin or even more.

And so, deciding it was a very acceptable risk, I began buying more Bitcoin and putting them in my digital wallet.

The second thing that happened was that Bitcoin began increasing in value quickly… very quickly.

Within a few months I had over $200,000 in Bitcoin. The vast majority of which was in that wallet that I had from the very beginning.

Then one day, I logged into my wallet to pat myself on the back for my brilliant investing skills (an embarrassingly vain daily ritual)… only to find that the wallet was completely empty.

I will never forget that moment. A wave of heat washed over me and I felt like I was in a furnace as the ramifications set in.

Overnight someone had somehow gotten the password to my digital wallet and had transferred my Bitcoin out of it and into their own. Hear me when I say that it was a sickening feeling that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Because I’d set up my initial digital wallet as a kind of “play” account to test Bitcoin out, I’d never taken the time to go back and upgrade the security settings, and now, I was paying the price.

As you can imagine, securing my wallet became a top priority after that, and luckily I haven’t had any problems since.

So the lesson here? Even though you may only be interested in investing a couple of bucks in Bitcoin to test it out, make sure that your security settings are correct right from Day 1.

Because when you start seeing the value of your Bitcoin continue to skyrocket just as I am, you want to be able to go into your digital wallet and make sure that it’s all in there!

Despite the pretty big setback I just shared with you, I didn’t let myself get discouraged. Bitcoin has remained a HUGE moneymaker for me. Week after week and month after month, it’s been paying me far more than any of my other investments combined.

I’ll continue to invest in Bitcoin, and I hope that you’ll take on learning more about it so that you too will make a ton of money in a very short amount of time.

And to help you do this, I’ve created the Bitcoin Starter Kit, a step-by-step system that will walk you through everything you need to know to profit from Bitcoin Safely, securely and FAST.

And the best part is that everything you’ll find inside is backed by my 100% risk-free money back guarantee, which I’ll tell you more about in just a moment.

Inside my exclusive Bitcoin Starter Kit containing step-by-step instructional videos, interviews with experts,
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  • And as an added bonus, I’ll also walk you through How You Can Accept Bitcoin For Your Goods or Services and how to spend it, on millions of different goods and services..

In my opinion, Bitcoin will go through many booms and busts on its way up to $100,000 or even $1 million valuation per bitcoin and so the sooner you get started the better!

But aside from just growing your wealth, there’s another very important reason why time is of the essence here – and you’ll want to pay close attention to this:

Considering the state of the crumbling economy, it’s incredibly important that you take the necessary steps to grow your wealth NOW, not later.

I can't say for certain that stock markets are going to crash or that banks may confiscate your savings within the next 12 months.

But what I can say is all of these things have already happened in first world countries lately and its spreading.

The European Central Bank ordered the Cyprus government to confiscate up to 60% of its citizens bank deposits.

We know they will do it to other countries if need be, and the Federal Reserve and Central banks of Canada, New Zealand and other first world countries all said they would do the same if necessary.

The fact is, bank accounts that governments can seize are simply not safe anymore.

The Federal Reserve has to pump $1 Trillion Dollars per year into the stock market just to stop it collapsing, but they can’t do that forever, and many experts are expecting a huge stock market crash in the near future.

And contrary to the lies of the mainstream media, the facts are that the foundation of the US and global economies are weaker now than they ever were in 2008.

Most people don't realize just how close we came to a full scale financial meltdown during the Global Financial Crisis of ‘08.

And since then, almost every first world country is considerably more in debt, with much higher unemployment and even less freedoms strangling small businesses than ever before.

And despite all of this, with the government’s obscene practice of continuously printing money, the world’s most highly regarded economists agree that a severe economic crisis is a very real possibility… if not an outright foregone conclusion.

When this happens history shows that all governments grab anything they can get their hands on (for our own good of course) and

if you don’t have considerable assets outside of government reach, you and your family are extremely vulnerable.

To protect yourself and your loved ones, its imperative you have stores of wealth that governments and banks cannot inflate or seize).

Precious metals are a great option, and I am a big advocate of them, but they do have one big draw back. They will be almost impossible to move around in an economic emergency.

Did you know that during the great depression, it was illegal to open a bank deposit box without the presence of an IRS agent to relieve you of your precious metals on the spot if you had any?

In my opinion there is no chance you will be able to cross international borders with precious metals if or when a crisis hits.I don’t even advise doing it now.

And that is where Bitcoin shines. You can email them to yourself or store them on a USB stick travel anywhere in the world with a financial lifeline.

As a very smart precaution, its imperative that you start creating this financial safety net for you and your family at a minimum right now - and as we’ve already established, Bitcoin is the perfect way to do it.

So here’s what’s next.

Right now, I recommend you choose between 2 options.

Option #1:

You can try to figure out all of the intricacies of Bitcoin on your own, spending weeks of your valuable time in front of the computer reading blogs, articles and books to educate yourself...

Plus even more time accumulating everything you learn into actual actionable strategies…

Strategies that you'll STILL have to test out on your own to verify that they work. And of course, that testing that will eat up even more of your time… time in which you could have already doubled, tripled or quadrupled your Bitcoin profits!

Option 2:

Or, you can choose option #2, which is my recommendation.

Option 2 is that you can skip that learning curve and benefit from my intensive, hands on, continuous experience with Bitcoin, and start protecting and growing your wealth as soon as next week.

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